The Occupational Therapy Department at St John of God Hospital offers a wide and varied Mindfulness and Relaxation Service, with Mindfulness and Relaxation being offered in both group and individual settings. There is a high level of expertise within the Occupational Therapy staff involved in delivering these interventions, as all staff  are both fully trained and actively engaged with personal and communal practises, engagement in practise being an essential requirement for any trainer.    

Inpatient Mindfulness Services

At an inpatient level we offer 4 levels of formal Mindfulness as part of our ‘Wellness & Recovery Programme’

Level 1 – weekly shared experience of body scan mediation and availability of recordings for personal daily practise
Level 2 – 3 x weekly ‘Introduction to Mindfulness Theory and Practise’ sessions
Level 3 – weekly mindful movement/yoga sessions
Level 4 – 1 weekly mindfulness in everyday life session

And informally we encourage via our ‘Mindfulness notice board’ general tips for daily mindfulness, and mindfulness tips for particular times of year/events ie. Christmas, family gatherings, seasons etc.

Outpatient Mindfulness Services

These are currently being developed

Mindful Mediations and Practices to download and experience for yourself

  • Body Scan
  • Body scan – short version
  • 3 step breathing space
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Walking
  • Mindfulness of the senses

Recommended Reading

  • Living in a Frantic World – Mark Williams
  • Full Catastrophe Living – John Kabit Zinn
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression