We all know people who like to keep boxes filled with birthday cards, newspaper articles, old photos. But what if that impulse grows stronger and after a time, you find you can’t throw out old bills, receipts and leaflets?

Joining Sean O’Rourke, Dr Olivia Gordon, Senior Clinical Psychologist discusses the syndrome of ‘hoarding’.

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Dr Keith Gaynor talking about OCD on Sean O'Rourke Show - 22 February 2016

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Eating Disorders - Appearance on Sunday AM – 21 February 2016.  Dr Terence Larkin, Consultant Psychiatrist, Eating Disorders Recovery Centre, Saint John of God Hospital and Harriet Parsons, Services Manager at Bodywhys

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Twenty years ago, mental health did not exist as a public policu issue.  It was a private tragedy, poorly funded and out of the way.


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The fall-out from the festive season can leave couples picking up the pieces in January - Irish Times 12 January 2016

A lot of the time an affair happens because something is not working in the relationship. Instead of one or both facing each other about what’s going on, it’s more tempting to project those energies outside



Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Alex White T.D. visited St John of God Hospital in Stillorgan following the completion of a €1 million energy upgrade.  The upgrade works included the installation of high efficiency lighting, heating and glazing.  The project, which received €25,000 support from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), was completed through a new form of energy contract which guarantees energy savings of 16% for the hospital.


HADD Ireland in association with Saint John of God Hospital present ADHD Awareness Day - Public Lecture.  

7:30PM on Monday October 12th

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Dr Colin O’Gara, Consultant Psychiatrist, Addiction Services at Saint John of God Hospital, spoke to Ray about the rise in online gambling in Ireland. Dr O’Gara has released an online survey – www.gamblingsurvey.ie in order to gather information on the current state of online gambling.

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Was 2014 the beginning of the end for mental health stigma?

THOUGHOUT HISTORY, mental health was something to be hidden away. It was “un-understandable”. Asylums dotted the Irish landscape and the names of those institutions became short-hand for everything we didn’t want to talk about.g of the end for mental health stigma?

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Dr Olivia Gordon, Senior Clinical Psychologist, St John of God Outpatient Psychological Services joined Laura Donnelly on Kildare Focus to discuss hoarding. 114,000 people in Ireland have a problem with hoarding – it’s a debilitating condition which can lead to isolation and embarrassment.

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Ireland has a cultural problem with drink, says Dr Colin O’Gara, Consultant Psychiatrist, Addiction Service

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Keith Gaynor, Senior Clinical Psychologist from Saint John of God Hospital spoke to Ryan about Impostor Syndrome

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