Mindfulness practises may be formal or informal. Formal practise involves setting aside a dedicated time to practise specific techniques, the most common ones being 1) The Body Scan and 2) The 3 Step Breathing Space. The Body Scan is typically half an hour but there are variations to this, as can be seen below, the duration is not necessarily the key but the ability to ‘attend’. The 3 Step Breathing Space, like the Body Scan is not necessarily time specific but emphasises attendance on the 3 steps (examples of both are below for you to follow). It is recommended when following formal practise that you set aside a regular place and time to practise daily to enable you to establish it as a routine.

Informal practise involves randomly picking moments or activities with which you engage during your day and ‘paying attention on purpose, non-judgementally’ to them, this may be brushing your teeth and/or hair, eating, walking, and actually paying full attention to what you are doing.

As Mohu Noelke said "Let the eating eat, the sitting sit, the work work, let sleep sleep"


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